First of the series I completed for my senior thesis, all about urban legends and things that creep me out.

Posting from a backlog of work I’ve made over the past year. This was a piece created for a MICA illustration show themed around mystery and the occult.


A flower for Eli by Emily Dahl.

A flower I drew for the Blooms of Nigeria tumblr, run by Rebecca Bradley and Janna Morton, in support of the missing Nigerian girls.

Sketches from my Visual Journalism class, pt. 1.

Places around Baltimore: the UB law center, Peabody, Milk & Honey, the BSO.

Ada Lovelace

New handmade book about extinct parrots! I’ve been working on this one for a while.



I’m very excited to show you guys the final product for those memory matching game cards I’ve been posting. This little set includes a handmade box (new favorite thing to do? possibly) with dividers, a pack of 24 cards, and a booklet with information about the bird species. I’m not entirely happy with the booklet, so I think I’ll go back and redesign it when I have time, but I had a ton of fun with the box and the cards.

I’m trying to figure out an efficient way to make more copies of this to sell. Any interest in that kind of thing?

It’s a thing I did! I’m very excited to try out more projects like this.

Welcome to my illustration blog! Here, I’ll be posting pieces of work I’ve completed, progress shots, sketches, and all that good stuff.

You can find my more bird related works at, although I’m sure I’ll be posting some of those pieces on here as well.